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Here at Modern Ministry, we are proud to be servants of the Lord. As well as servants of the Lord's People, just like you are in your ministry. We are so honored to be able to help in the improvement and building of the Ministry as a whole. We focus all of our talents along with the help of today's technology in creating and maintaining a marketing strategy beginning with the basics and ending with... well, never ending because smart marketing never stops.

We began this business because we saw the need for the Church as a whole to aggressively pursue people as boldly and enthusiastically (if not more so) than the world has pursued them. We and our children are marketed to every day with the wrong image of how we are supposed to think and act. It's time to start focusing on how we market Christ to the people of our community and the world.

You will be able to get all of your marketing materials here as well as some very helpful advice to improve your strategies and increase your attendance. Materials like Custom Printed Flyers, Business Cards and Postcards and Mailers. Event Banners and Signage. Bus and van Graphics as well as Vehicle Magnetics for temporarily used vehicles. Custom Website Design with powerful tools that will enable your church to receive Online Donations and Prayer Requests, as well as giving your members the ability to get connected to the rest of the fellowship and surround themselves with the kind of people hey need lifting them up. We need to pull together as a Church and start competing with the world. We have so many talents and tools at our disposal today, so let's put them to work for the Lord and win some souls with some smart marketing and effective advertising.


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