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Christian Ministry Website Hosting & Support
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Christian Ministry Website Hosting & Support

CMS Website Hosting and Support is included with your package

The Modern Ministry approach to website hosting is much different then the average hosting company. We take great pride in empowering the Christian ministry to take complete control over their website through our user-friendly, no experience needed, yet super powerful website editing system also known as a CMS (Content Management System).

Through this system our customers are able to access their website from any computer to create and manage unlimited pages, forms, and photo galleries.

SEO tools and award winning support

Access to our powerful CMS isn’t all that you get; your hosting and support package includes search engine optimization tools, ongoing training, marketing advice and access to our award-winning support center. In addition to showing you all the tips and tricks on how to use your powerful CMS we will also show you the key elements that Google and other search engines are looking for so you can continuously build your site to be more search engine friendly.

We're not going anywhere

One of the challenges that many ministries face is when a website is built or maintained by a member of the church. When that member moves on a vacancy is left whereby the website is either no longer accessible or sets for many years without ever being updated. With your ongoing support package we will train as many members as you need so that you will always have someone that knows how to make edits to your website. If you change someone on the administration staff we will gladly work with the next member to make sure that your website is always consistently updated. If you have a small church and do not have anyone that would like to keep the website updated; we also offer continual update services at an additional charge.

Got Mail? - web based email available if needed
for as little as $18 per year per account

What is hosting?

Every website you see on the internet is hosted somewhere. Hosting is simply where a website is stored on a computer called a "Web Server". A web server is always on and always connected to the internet via extremely high speed connections (not just a DSL connection). Servers also require failsafe systems for both their internet connectivity and their power source to ensure consistent up time. Experienced maintenance is also needed to keep the server running smoothly and quickly. In addition to the storage is an operating system that runs all the needed scripts and additional programs that are constantly running to make the website function in many different ways.

Why do I need to host through your company?

Hosting and support of $19.95 is included in your bundled ministry package. We do require that hosting is done through our service for a variety of reasons:

Access to the content manager...

Modern Ministry utilizes a proprietary CMS that allows customers to be able to make changes to their website without the need of programming or expensive software. After your agreement term is completed, you own all elements of the website and you could move your website to another hosting company; however, in doing so you would lose your ability to easily make changes to your website.

Award-winning support...

Modern Ministry has earned quite a reputation for high quality customer service over the years but we just don’t give our support to anyone; part of why we can give such high-end support is we only work with our customer base.

Knowledge base...

There are hundreds of CMS systems out on the Internet that can be used to edit websites. Part of our high level of service comes from the fact that we only work with our own CMS software; so rather than being a support center that knows a little about a lot of different systems, we instead our experts in the system that we use.

NOTE: All Subscription and hosting charges will be FREE after Jesus Returns!

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