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Getting Started
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Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in a
Modern Ministry Website.

We are confident that we can meet or exceed your expectations in web design, graphic appeal and ease of access. Listed below is some information that may help you moving forward.

Because we want you to be absolutely sure that Modern Ministry is the perfect company for your website needs we have included below all sorts of information so you can make a sound choice! Please let us know if you have ANY questions at all. (888) 987-7771

1. Choose a Domain Name? (this is your "www..") Have one already? Skip to step 2
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2. Choose a Package

Depending on your needs we have bundled our most popular features into 3 levels: Silver, Gold & Platinum. You can add additional features as needed to each level package. Click Here to see the packages

3. Choosing a Theme:
Click to see demo: Responsive Themes: Click Here

4. What's included
Each bundled package comes with standard features.

Take a look at all the awesome features ALREADY INCLUDED in your website.
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5. SEO: (Search Engine Optimization)
Your new website comes loaded with lots of tools that (when used properly) can help your site get recognized on Google and other search engines. Because of this we generally teach and coach customers on proper SEO techniques as part of the standard hosting and tech support of your website. There are circumstances for some customers that based on their search and competition ratios an additional Search Engine Campaign (organic or Pay-Per-Click) may be needed. We don’t recommend launching any additional campaigns until you have fully utilized the built-in tools and techniques and see where your site is ranked. Make sure you ask your representative for details.

6. Email Accounts: (
Get your name at your website for as little as $2 per month!
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Or you can use a Free gmail, yahoo, aol, etc. account... that works too...

7. Give us a call: 888-987-7771 
When you are ready, call us! We will walk you through the process so it's quick and simple! 

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NOTE: All Subscription and hosting charges will be FREE after Jesus Returns!

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