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Christian Business men, praying for each other

Well, since we're a Christian owned and operated business dedicated to serving and honoring our Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ, we answer to a higher authority. One that holds us to a higher level of standards. Because of that we also understand that the basis of our beliefs is under attack in society as well as the practice of them in the business community today. Prayer is one of the most powerful tools to help Christian businesses thrive in this highly competitive world. We invite business owners to join us in praying for God to bless in our lives and businesses and we seek to honor the Lord Jesus Christ.

We set aside 20 min. each day to pray for our customers, their families and employees and we invite others to do the same. Below is a form whereby you can send us a prayer request for us to pray over. In order for things to be done decently and in order (1 Cor. 14:40) we have set some guidelines we wish everyone to follow:

  • For prayer requests please keep them short and to the point. (Matt. 6:8) - No gossip...

  • For privacy please do not include full names.. The Lord knows their full name...

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